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Healing with Laser Therapy

Did you know that Lifetime Animal Care Center now has a therapy laser? What is laser therapy and how can it help your pet? Well, in short, laser therapy is a non-invasive method of promoting regeneration of cells and speeding healing to damaged tissue. A therapy laser has a handheld instrument that kind of looks like a microphone which the technician glides over the affected area of the pet. Laser therapy is painless for the pet; at most, the pet would feel a warm sensation in the treated area as the laser passes over. 

Laser therapy has many uses. It is wonderful for arthritic conditions and can provide pain relief and increased joint mobility for pets affected by arthritis and other joint degenerative conditions. It also is an effective tool to speed healing to incision sites or wounds. Dr. Sondhi recently employed the therapy laser to aid in healing a patient’s wound and achieved excellent results. Read on to learn the story of our amazing patient, Atlas the Border Collie…

Meet Atlas

Atlas is an 11 year old Border Collie filled with energy! By looking at this picture of him today, a happy and healthy dog, you’d never guess that just 3 short months ago, Atlas had a severe injury to his foot that resulted in an emergency visit to the specialty hospital. Atlas’ injury was called a degloving, meaning that skin of his foot and paw was torn off the underlying tissue, severing its blood supply. His parents came home to find him with his terrible injury and still have no clue how it occurred. After rushing him to the emergency hospital, the veterinary specialists told Atlas’ parents that he would “likely need reconstructive surgery and it would be very difficult for his paw to look the same.” Enter Lifetime Animal Care Center and Dr. Sondhi, who provided follow-up wound care to Atlas. When Atlas first came to Lifetime, the wound was very raw. Dr. Sondhi prescribed laser therapy with wound dressings, changed every few days. The results were remarkable. Are you ready to see the progression? NOTE: Graphic photos follow. Viewer discretion is advised.

Initial Injury


Following Initial Laser Treatments & Wound Dressing

After Follow-Up Laser Treatments & Wound Dressing


Atlas Today

As you can see, Atlas is back to his old self. It’s an amazing result, attributed to excellent care from his parents and his veterinarian, with help from the therapy laser. Atlas’ dad comments, “He is up and running and has healed incredibly. Fur has grown back and his paw looks like nothing happened to it. I am positive all the laser treatment and therapy that was done in Lifetime Animal Care Center and with Dr. Sondhi and the staff there, got Atlas the results that we see today. The result is a testament to the great work you guys do.” We are so happy for Atlas and his family and would love to help other pets benefit in the same way Atlas did from our therapy laser.

Think your pet could use therapy laser treatments? Contact us today for a consultation!